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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

Hi, I am Jan, I was born in 1980 and I come from the Czech Republic. I have been a fan of cross-country skiing since the 2002 OWG.

My hobbies include cross-country skiing (just for fun), amateur acting and singing, and reading.

I decided to create the pages of one of the best skiers, Kristin Steira. I was quite moved by her story at the 2006 OG in Torino and since then I have been a fan of hers. I was absolutely delighted to see her performing very well in Sapporo the following year.

Though Kristin does have official pages, they are in Norwegian, and thus quite inaccessible for those who do not speak Norwegian. I was trying to find some info in English but what I found was what I had already known. Then I found some Norwegian articles and though I do not speak Norwegian, I was able to translate the most important facts (I teach myself Swedish). It was also the moment I decided to create pages in English so that Kristin's fans who do not speak Norwegian can get anough information about their favourite skier.

Unfortunately, you will find very few pictures here. I do not feel like stealing pictures from the Internet and I do not have the possibility to take pictures od Kristin. But Google can help you find a lot of pictures of Kristin, both competing and enjoying her success.

These pages, though dedicated to Kristin, have no connection to her. These are fan pages.