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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

This championships brought only a few good results for the Norwegian girls' team.
But Kristin herself can be quite happy. She had a few good races and won another individual medal.

10 km C - 6th place
In the first race, the Norwegians apparently did not get the the best ski waxing,

which resulted in a disappointing race for the team.
Kristin was the best Norwegian, ranked 6th.
Therese Johaug finished 10th, whereas both Marit Björgen and Astrid Jacobsen were outside the Top15.
Saarinen (Finland) won the race ahead of Longa (Italy) and Kowalczyk (Poland).
The best local skier, Rajdlova, came 25th.

15 km pursuit - 2nd place
The 15 km pursuit race brought fourth individual medal for Kristin.

She finished second behind Kowalczyk and ahead of Saarinen.
Therese Johaug finished 6th, whereas Marit Björgen and Astrid Jacobsen could not improve on their positions. from the previous race.
Astrid even finished outside the Top20.
The local skier Rajdlova finished in the Top20 for the first time in Liberec, beating Astrid.
You can watch the finish of the race here: (in Polish)

4x5 km relay - 4th place
The relay team brought no medal for the team.
Kristin took the 3rd leg and handed over to Marthe Kristoffersen on the 1st place.
However, Marthe is a sprinter and finally finished 4th.
The team was disappointed but they knew everybody had done their best.

30 km F - 5th place
The last race was a good race for Norwegians, though finally  there were no medals left for Kristin and Therese.
They were very active  during the race, together with Shevchenko.
Shortly before the finish, Kowalczyk attacked and no-one else could quite match her.
In the finish, Therese and Kristin lost their medals. The third Norwegian, Kristoffersen, finished in the Top15.

Liberec is in my home country, Czechia, so it is quite reachable for me.
I spent a few days in the city back in 2008.
It may not be the biggest jewel of Czech architecture, but there are still quite a few interesting places.
In these pictures you can see some of them.


Classicism houses on the town square. It is the place where the medalists get their medals.

The town hall is the dominant building on the square.

Baroque chateau near the town centre.

Church in Liberec/Horni Hanychov 

Though it may seem strange, this pic was taken in the town centre, too.

TV transmitter on Jested.