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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

The road to Sochi 2014...

Oslo 2011

On home snow, Kristin won another gold medal in the relay competition, and she achieved a 5th place in the 30 km F race. She also finished in the Top10 in the pursuit race and in the 10 Km C race.

The 2011 - 2012 season

This was one of Kristin's worst seasons ever. She got divorced, and  she lost a lot of weight. She was even withdrawn from the team during the season. Fortunately, she was able to return and even scored a couple of Top 10 results.

The 2012 - 2013 season

Kristin achieved another milestone in her career - the Top3 place in Tour de Ski. She also won another world cup race, this time in Sochi, where the OWG were to be held next year. In Val di Fiemme, she scored yet another 4th place behind her fellows Marit, Therese and Heidi in the pursuit race, and as she herself stated, the tremendous team success made it easier for her to swallow the disappointment over the 4th place. She also won another gold medal in the team relay.

Sochi 2014

  •     15 km pursuit race

We didn't see much of Kristin in Sochi, did we? Well, the first race, the pursuit, was a very tough race for the Norwegian girls. Astrid's brother had died the day before. But Marin won, Heidi took her first Olympic medal (3rd place) and Therse has just missed on the podium. Kristin, however, had a very bad race, finishing outside the Top 20.

  •     30 km F race

Because of that, Kristin was not nominated for the relay competition and had a lot of time to practise. She used it very well. During the 30 km F, she was always at the front, and as the gap between the three Norwegian girls and the rest of the world grew, it was clearer and clearer that the elusive medal would be hers finally. The joy was obvious. And I believe all Kristin's fans felt the joy with her. I certainly did :)

  •     Team success at Sochi

For Kristin and her teammates, the games were successful, despite the relay failure. Marit scored two individual golds, Therese won a silver and a bronze and Kristin and Heidi Weng added individual bronzes. Interestingly enough, Marit's victories made it possible for Therese, Kristin and Heidi to hear the Norwegian anthem during their medal ceremonies.

The end...?

Kristin has announced she would continue until the 2014-2015 season. She will be 34 when she finishes. I believe she will enjoy her last top season as well as life without professional sport.