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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

Oberstdorf 2005 was a very successful championships for Kristin.

10 km F - 9th place
Kristin originally finished 10th in the race, but then Kowalczyk of Poland was disqualified because of doping, and Kristin moved to the ninth place.

She was the second best Norwegian in the race. Marit Bjørgen finished third and the bronze medal was hers.
Katerina Neumannova of Czechia beat the Russion Tchepalova.
It was the first gold for Neumannova.

15 km pursuit - 3rd place
In the next race, the 15 km double pursuit, Kristin won her first major medal.
In the halfway stage of the race she was 9th.
But she was moving quickly forward, passing Neumannova, Künzel and Paruzzi among others, and as she passed Beckie Scott of Canada, she secured her the first medal of her career.
Kristin looked the freshest out of the three medalists close before the finish line.
Marit won the silver medal and Tchepalova won. Norwegian girls had a very successful day.
Watch the highlights of the race here:

4x5 km relay - 1st place
With such starry results Kristin was of course entitled to start in the relay.
She took the 3rd leg and did a great job. She was only 3.1 sec behind Russia at the end of her leg.
Marit Bjørgen then quickly caught Tchepalova and in the last hill she attacked the Russian.
Norway won the race.
Italy finished 3rd, while the German team only finished 4th on home snow.
Watch the highlights of the race here:

Kristin won two medals in three races. She was absolutely delighted. She decided that the 30 km C and the sprint relay were not her cup of tea. She did not start, and Marit Bjørgen won the races (Hilde Pedersen was her partner in the sprint relay.)

Norwegian girls won 6 medals at the Championships (3-1-2) and could be satisfied indeed.