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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

Silent end for Kristin
Kristin decided to end her sports career earlier this year. The 2014/15 season was influenced by an injury, and at the end of the season she felt that other things in life are more important. Kristin's dream is to start a family and have a happy life, which she totally deserves. Thank you Kristin for thirteen exciting years of great battles, defeats and victories. You will never be forgotten as being a part of it.

2015 - Kristin on start again
The end of 2014 was not a good time for Kristin. She got injured. But she is OK now and she even took part in the 10 F race in Scandinavian Cup in Sweden earlier this year, finishing 4th after the likes of Kalla and Jacobsen. Hopefully we will see more of Kristin during the season.

WC Holmenkollen: Kristin nr. 8
Kristin had another good race today, finishing 8th on home snow in Holmenkollen. She was beaten in the finish by the Czech skier Vrabcova-Nyvltova, who was the only non-Scandinavian athlete to achieve the Top10. Marit won ahead of Therese and Kerttu Niskanen of Finland.


WC Lahti: Kristin nr. 22 after a good start

Just like during the 15 km pursuit in Sochi, Kristin had a good start in the 10 km F yesterday, but she wasn't able to endure till the end, and she finished 22nd. Marit won ahead of Charlotte Kalla, who had a great finish, and Therese. Kristin is still nr. 12 in the Distant WC races rating.

OWG Sochi: The spell of number 10

Kristin wore bib with number 10 yesterday. It was also her 10th Olympic race. And she won her 10th major medal.

Kristin received her medal during the closing ceremony. She couldn't have wished a better moment. And although Marit won, both Kristin and Therese joined her singing the Norwegian anthem. After several promising attempts Kristin finally became an individual Olympic medalist. She also received the 100th Olympic medal in the history of Norwegian cross-country skiing. Therese is nr. 101 and Marit nr. 102.