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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

Sapporo 2007 was an opportunity for the Norwegians to forget Torino.
As for Kristin, it was a very successful Championship again.

15 km pursuit - 3rd place
Kristin was very active in the race. She was 1st after the classical part.
Again, she was in a group of four fighting for three medals in the finish.
But this time she had enough power to win the bronze medal, her second.
She defended her medal from the Oberstdorf Champs in the same discipline.
Savialova won the race ahead of Neumannová.
You can watch the highlights of the race here:

10 km F - 4th place
The race meant another fourth place for Kristin.
It was a bit of disappointment because she had been in the Top3 during the whole race,
and she lost a medal at finish.
Neumannova won ahead of Savialova and Follis.

4x5 km relay - 3rd place
Kristin typically took the 3rd leg. She handed over in the 2nd position behind Finland.
Then Astrid Jacobsen lost some ground and finally finished 3rd.
But the whole team was happy, because everyone had done her best. 
Also Marit Bjørgen, who was not in a very good shape, helped Norway a lot. Her 2nd leg was classy.
Finland won the race ahead of Germany. Sweden finished 4th.
Neumannová's classy final leg was "only" good enough for 5th.

You can watch the race here: 

30 km C - 2nd place
Wearing bib Nr. 13, Kristin's ambition was much higher than achieving 13th place.
She was very active, together with Therese Johaug and Virpi Kuitunen they tried hard to gain some ground.
They were successful and after 20 km the race was already decided in terms of medals.
Kristin finally won a silver medal, behind Virpi Kuitunen.
It has definitely been her best individual race at major events.
It was a great day for Norway again. The 18 year youngster Therese Johaug sensationally won a bronze medal.
Marit Bjørgen had bad first 20 km of the race, but then she recovered and moved herself into 9th place.
You can watch the race here:

For Kristin, Sapporo meant a kind of a revenge.
Many athletes who "robbed" her of a medal in Torino the previous year, did not even enter the Top5 in a single race or did not race at all (e.g. Medvedeva, Kowalczyk, Smigun).
As for individual races, Kristin was one of four who got 2 individual medals (together with Neumannova, Savialova and Kuitunen).

Sapporo 2007 also brought the return of Norway to the top.
The Norwegian girls won six medals (1-1-4).