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Unofficial Kristin Steira Pages

Bad luck
The whole Norwegian cross-country team only scored 4 medals in total (0-3-1) in Torino.
For Kristin, however, it meant even more bad luck. She finished in the fourth position three times.

Great Olypic debut
The first race, the 15 km double pursuit, was a great race for Kristin.
She was very active in the classic stage and a medal dream was quite real.
She was in the group of 4 competitors fighting for 3 medals.
On the last hill, Neumannova attacked and only Smigun had enough power to hang on.
Kristin and Medvedeva of Russia had their own bronze medal battle, where Kristin finally succumbed.
But a 4th place was definitely a great Olympic debut.
Kristin was very happy even though she just missed out on a medal.

10 Km C
The next race was the 10 Km C, a race where Kristin had only once finished in the Top20 before.
However, at the Olympic race she was a real threat for the favourites
If it hadn't been for a tremendous finish by her compatriot Hilde Pedersen, the medal would be hers.
Still, she was very happy with the result.
Kristina Smigun of Estonia won but it was a good day for Norway, too.
Marit Bjørgen finished second - despite health problems - and Hilde Pedersen finished 3rd.
It was the first individual Olympic medal for Hilde.
The fourth Norwegian, Kristin Stemland, finished in 12th position.
It raised Norwegian hopes for another success in the relay event.

Marit's relay collapse
The relay started as it should have.
Kristin handed over in 3rd position, Hilde improved on it (2nd) and Kristin Stemland held the position.
Marit Bjørgen, however, was overwhelmed by her health problems again.
She was unable to accept the fast pace, and she fell behind.
Norway finished 5th and Marit cried in the end of the race.
This relay also changed the mood in the Norwegian team.
After two successful individual races this was a big blow for the team.

30 Km F
Kristin still dreamt of a medal, and she was very close in the 30 km F race.
Again, she was in a group of four fighting for three medals.
Unfortunately, she did not have enough power to hang on until the end
From a 15 sec distance she saw Neumannova's tremendous finish.
Out of the four fighting for the medals, she was the least tired one in the end, but the most disappointed one.

Irony and consolation
Kristin was the only one who defeated both Smigun and Neumannova, the two Olympic Champions at the Games.
But she did not win a single medal.
The only consolation was that she was a model of consistency.
She also saw that the hard work was worth it. Despite three fourth places, she knew she had done a very good job.